First patent granted!

Posted on 26/07/2016

In June 2016, one of the two patents submitted by XALKIS was granted by the Greek Patent Office. This patent protects the innovative brick unit developed within the project, in joint cooperation with NTUA.
The brick is of large dimensions and can be used for the construction of single leaf masonry plain or reinforced, either for infill walls or for bearing walls. The form of the brick allows for the positioning of vertical reinforcement in special holes and horizontal reinforcement, as well as for the positioning of installations (electrical and plumping). The recesses provided in the exterior shell of the masonry unit, offer the possibility to easily remove a portion of the exterior shell, during or after construction. The combination of the large width of the brick and the recesses, aims at enhancing the out-of-plane bearing capacity of masonry, as well as the insulation capacity of the conventional structures and offers the possibility of using the same bricks for structures made of reinforced bearing masonry.