Brief description of the organisation:

Associazione Nazionale degli Industriali dei Laterizi is the Italian National Association of Clay Bricks and Roofing Tiles Producers. ANDIL operates as a representative, on a national and international scale, of the whole sector by means of: (a) a wider policy, with active participation in federative bodies carrying out programmes of general interest relative to “Building systems"; (b) a more specific field policy, with active cooperation in the conception and revision of rules and agreements in the specific context of the production process; (c) a product policy, by carrying out initiatives specifically aimed at promoting greater knowledge of the products with regard to performance and correct usage, and by involvement in the field of research. ANDIL is a member of Confindustria, the leading organisation representing the manufacturing and service industries in Italy, of Federcostruzioni (Italian industry federation of constructions) and, on a European scale, of TBE. Companies of all sizes distributed throughout Italy are members of ANDIL that represents over 80% of overall national production. Commercial departments operate under the auspices of the Association, which unite companies with similar production and develop promotional programme.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

The SMEs Association (SME AGs) of the clay brick/block industry sector are leading the project through their role in the Exploitation Committee and the Management Board. Specifically, as leader of WP 6 and strongly involved in WP3, ANDIL will be responsible for the development, standardization and promotion of products and construction technologies. Moreover it will contribute to dissemination and exploitation of project results as in WP2.

Key staff involved in the project:

Eng. Alfonsina Di Fusco: Partner Coordinator, Chair of Mangement Board

Eng Giovanni D'Anna