Brief description of the organisation:

SC H.I. STRUCT S.R.L. is a Romanian company founded in 1997 by Prof. Eng. Victor Gioncu and PhD. Eng. Marius Mosoarca, and has very dedicated personnel of structural engineers. The company has a strong background in structural engineering consultancy and makes projects of structural design for administrative buildings; banks; production buildings and offices; representations; commercial buildings; hotels and boarding houses; train stations, churches, monasteries. Technical expertise ranges among hospitals, schools, churches and other types of buildings. Projects of structural design for residential quarters and over 100 house projects. The company is very dedicated to research; its interests include strengthening of historical buildings; analyses of seismic behaviour of buildings; industrial archaeology; structural  engineering. The company has participated in many conferences and in several funded research projects.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

HI STRUCT will mainly deal with demonstration of the prototype and dissemination of the project results (WPs 2, 3, 6 and 7), contributing to the development and the technical and economic feasibility of construction technologies, as well as to final guidelines. Its practical application experience will  furnish important feedback for continuous improvement of the new design concepts and is regarded as an essential prerequisite for their successful dissemination and exploitation.

Key staff involved in the project:

Prof. Marius Mosoarca: Partner Coordinator

Prof. Valeriu Stoian, Eng. Cristian Petrus: Technical staff