Brief description of the organisation:

The Earthquake Engineering Research Centre at METU Middle East Technical University (Ankara) is active in several fields of activity: microzonation, earthquake insurance, risk and mitigation, establishment of strong motion arrays, mitigation of disaster losses and economic impact, Master Plans for metropolitan areas, large scale urban housing retrofitting, rehabilitation of damaged buildings, development of rapid retrofit techniques applicable in urban buildings and innovative solutions to effective structural intervention/verification. METU has taken/is taking part in several FP6 and FP7 funded projects, as well as in many research projects and consultancies with the UN, World Bank, EU Commission, NATO, OECD, IAEA, other than served as consultants for large national rehabilitation and assessment projects, seismic safety evaluation and retrofitting of reinforced concrete and historic structures, seismic performance of existing unreinforced masonry and rc structures. Moreover, METU was among the technical coordinators of the "Istanbul Earthquake Master Plan" project supported by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and currently conducts the “Compilation and standardization of Turkish strong ground-motion database” funded by the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council. METU is also organiser of national and international conferences, editor for the most world-wide renown international journal on earthquake engineering, and have a number of peer-reviewed technical papers published in the well-recognized journals in its core research areas.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

METU will mainly contribute to WPs 3, 4 and 5, in terms of experimental testing of construction elements (subassemblies) and  numerical analysis. 

Key staff involved in the project:

Prof. Polat Gülkan: Scientific Supervisor

Prof. Ahmet Yakut: Partner Coordinator

Prof. Barış Binici

Azer Çakiroğlu: Administrative and financial support