Brief description of the organisation:

The Department of Structural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens is a part of a public Greek University. NTUA is active in research and teaching (in under- and postgraduate level) related to reinforced concrete and masonry structures (including historic structures). The research carried out at NTUA includes analytical work and experimental work. The testing facilities comprise a 6-degree of freedom shaking table, a strong floor and a reaction wall for testing full scale specimens, actuators, data acquisition systems, etc. In the work carried out at NTUA, emphasis is given to the behaviour and design of structures under seismic actions, as well as to (pre- and post-earthquake) interventions to existing structures. Monitoring and dynamic identification of structures is another field of excellence of NTUA. The group of NTUA is also active in code-making on a national and international level. The group involved in the project is active in experimental and analytical work related to the behaviour and design of rc and masonry structures, also in close cooperation with the Association of Brick Producers (SEVK) in an effort to improve the quality of infills in the country.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

As leader of WP5, NTUA will be responsible of experimental characterization of basic materials, development and execution of procedures for combined in-plane/out-of-plane testing of enclosure walls, experimental assessment of performance of enclosure masonry walls under real seismic loading by shaking table tests. The RTD Performer will be also strongly involved in WPs 3, 4 and 7 investigating structural behaviour and design of structures under seismic actions and contributing to design guidelines.

Key staff involved in the project:

Prof. Elizabeth Vintzileou: Partner Coordinator

Dr. Chrissi-Elpida Adami, Ing. Vasiliki Palieraki: Technical staff