Brief description of the organisation:

Ruredil is a leading group in the development, production and commercialization of materials, technologies and systems for prefabrication, fastenings, reinforcements. Ruredil has been manufacturing building technology, which ranges from chemical admixtures for concrete and cement for ready-to-use-non shrink mortars, to products for the protection and waterproofing of works, for over 30 years. Ruredil boasts an efficient technical and marketing organization, formed by direct staff and 54 agents in Italy, assisting project engineers and contractors in solving specific building problems. Moreover, it has agents throughout a number of European and extra-European countries. Many of Ruredil resources are devoted to its own Research Centre, which works in close collaboration with University Faculties of Engineering and applied Chemistry, as well as with public and private research institute. (CNR – Italian National Research Centre). Ruredil firmly believes that eco-sustainable policy, experimentation, testing and technological expansion are the fundamental principles for steady, innovative progress where products and services are concerned.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

Ruredil will mainly contribute to WP 3, in terms of development of construction system, design, optimization and supply of fasteners/reinforcement. Its presence will ensures an approach from the single product to the construction element, and a constant contact with all the actors in the construction sector (manufacturers, prefabricators, contractors and designers). Moreover Ruredil will be involved in dissemination and exploitation activities as in WP2.

Key staff involved in the project:

Dr. Giovanni Mantegazza: Partner Coordinator

Mrs Alessandra Gatti: Technical staff

Mrs Katia GuerraAdministrative and financial support