Brief description of the organisation:

The Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Minho is a young and dynamic department including 60 scholars, from which 40 hold a Ph.D. degree. The technical staff consists of 10 technicians. The Structural Group is highly involved in the areas of computational modelling of the structural behaviour, experimental testing under displacement control and non-destructive testing. A 400 m2 structural laboratory equipped with a strong floor was completed in 2002 and a new laboratory (additional 400 m2) has been recently prepared. Available resources include most of the necessary equipment to perform quasi-static cyclic tests, under deformation control, and state of the art NDT. Research interests includes survey, monitoring, assessment, repair and strengthening of historical structures including non-destructive testing, experimental characterization of constitutive laws, development and implementation of constitutive laws in the fields of cracking, plasticity and damage mechanics, long term behaviour, and numerical analysis. The group has organized several conferences, up to 500 participants, and participated in several funded research projects in the area of masonry structures. The group successfully attracted several sponsored industry contracts in the area of masonry, including product development, large non-load bearing masonry infill design and confined masonry design.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

As leader of WP4, UMINHO will be responsible for computational modelling of structural behaviour. The RTD Performer will also be strongly involved in WPs 2,5,6 and 7, in terms of experimental characterization of materials, development and implementation of constitutive laws, on-site testing and contribution to drafting of guidelines, as well as of dissemination and exploitation of project results.

Key staff involved in the project:

Prof. Paulo B. Lourenço: Scientific Supervisor

Dr. Graça Vasconcelos: Partner Coordinator

Luis Miguel Silva: Technical staff