Brief description of the organisation:

The Institute of Structural Engineering is part of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Kassel, a public institution. The Institute has four working groups on Concrete and Masonry Structures, Steel and Composite Structures, Timber Structures and Building Rehabilitation, and Structural Materials. The institute is very active in the field of seismic design of structures, especially with regard to masonry structures, seismic base isolation, and development and application of innovative testing techniques. Further interests are related to design and behaviour of structures using innovative materials, such as Ultra High Performance Fibre Concrete (UHPC), glued connections, and strengthening by fibre reinforced polymers. Structural Health Monitoring and Structural Identification using experimental vibration analysis are a further focus of research. The laboratories of the Institute comprise a 9m*17 m strong floor facility with reaction frames for loading in 3 dimensions (vertical loading up to 5 MN, a modular system for horizontal loading with several hydraulic ±400 kN cylinders), a stiff tension/compression testing machine with 6.3 MN capacity, a minor 2-D shaking table as well as several standard testing machines. The materials lab is equipped with several analytical instruments including a scanning electron microscope and a scanning force microscope. In addition to the laboratory capacities the institute is working with own and commercial Finite-Element software packages for nonlinear structural analysis. The group successfully has organized several national and international conferences with up to 300 participants.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

UNI KASSEL will mainly contribute to WPs 4 and 5, in terms of experimental testing of materials and construction elements (subassemblies), numerical simulation, structural mechanics, structural analysis and design.

Key staff involved in the project:

Prof. Ekkehard Fehling: Partner Coordinator

Dr. Mohammed  Ismail: Technical staff

Mrs Ute Müller: Secretarial staff