Brief description of the organisation:

The University of Padova was founded in 1222. It offers any level of graduation (BS, MS, Ph.D.) in 13 Schools, including several Erasmus Mundus Advanced Masters Courses. The Department of Civil, Environmental, Architectural Engineering includes 21 professors, 14 associate professors, 34 assistant professors, about 43 Ph.D. students and 50 persons of administrative and technical staff. The Department has a section involved since many years on experimental and theoretical research topics related to the structural behaviour of historic masonry buildings and of innovative systems for unreinforced and reinforced clay masonry walls. The experience includes laboratory testing on structural elements, laboratory calibration and on-site testing with nondestructive methods, experimental and numerical analyses of the structural response of buildings under static and dynamic actions, static and dynamic monitoring of structural behaviour and dynamic identification of buildings, and non-linear numerical modelling. The experimental activities are carried out at the Test Laboratory of DICEA, which is provided with an isolated reaction floor that allows executing static and fatigue tests on real scale structural elements for any load level (up to 10 MN). Several test systems, all force and displacement controlled allowing the application of cyclic loads with electronic actuation, are available.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

As Project Coordinator, UNIPD (together with Management Board and Committees) will assume the joint overall responsibility of successfully coordinating and completing all the work packages, of liaising with the EC and reporting. As RTD Performer, UNIPD will be mainly involved in WPs 4, 5, 6, 7 in terms of experimental testing of materials and construction elements (subassemblies), numerical analysis, on-site testing and contribution to guidelines.

Key staff involved in the project:

Dr. Francesca da Porto: Project Coordinator

Prof. Claudio Modena: Scientific Supervisor, Chair of Scientific Committe

Dr. Giovanni Guidi, Eng. Nicolò Verlato, Dr. Marco Donà, Eng. Massimiliano Minotto, Eng. Francesco Longo, Dr. Massimo Dalla Benetta: Technical staff

Laura Brandolin: Assistant to project management