Brief description of the organisation:

XALKIS S.A. is a small and medium enterprise with half-a-century experience in production and supply of masonry units both for structural and non-structural masonry systems and is one of the most important Greek industries in the field of tile and brick manufacture. It has two manufacturing plants, one in Vassiliko (Evia) manufacturing roofing tiles and one in Schimatari (Viotia) manufacturing bricks. XALKIS S.A. invests on the constant upgrading of the quality of its products, on keeping up with the advancements of technology, on respecting the natural environment (since 2000, Schimatari plant is linked to the natural gas pipe, the gases of the kilns are filtered, more filters have been installed to capture the dust during the drying-grinding-flattening of the earth and all the waste of the production process is immediately recycled), on supporting in a friendly and reliable way the customers who entrusted it with small and large-scale projects, such as: the International Athens Airport, Athens Concert Hall, Athens Metro, several Olympic facilities and many more. The company is constantly seeking quality, follows all advancements of technology and continuously modernizes its facilities; this is the reason it obtained ISO 9001 certification for the design and production of its products. In December 2005 the company obtained a Certificate of Conformity with the Environmental Management System as per EN ISO 14001. The products of XALKIS S.A. are in conformity with the highest European quality control standards set for the quality control of fired clay roofing tiles and bricks; constant laboratory tests realized under the supervision of the Technology Development Institute for Terra Cotta and Refractory Materials (EKEPI), guarantee the best quality.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

XALKIS will mainly contribute to WPs 3 and 6, in terms of design, optimization and supply of clay units, as well as of development of construction system. It is one of the final addressees of the results that take-up directly the innovation generated in the project and holds the important role of addressing the SMEs Association member’s needs.

Key staff involved in the project:

Mrs Vasiliki Vavoulioti: Partner Coordinator

Eng. Panagiotis Hatiras, Mrs Stella Vavoulioti, Mr E. Vavouliotis, Mr K. Deligiannis: Technical staff

Mrs Georgia Gounari: Administrative support