Brief description of the organisation:

Ziegel is an industrial association representing more than 80 clay masonry unit producers in Germany with an annual turnover of about 330 Million Euro. The main tasks of Ziegel are the coordination of the joint research and development activities of its members, the information and training of the personnel of its member SMEs about new developments in production and application and the knowledge transfer to designers in the field of masonry design and application of masonry materials.

Brief description of tasks attributed:

As leader of WP2 and Exploitation Committee, Ziegel will be responsible for dissemination and exploitation management to ensure the knowledge transfer about projects results to European SMEs, designers and constructors.It will also contribute to the coordination of the research and development activities related to hollow clay units with concrete infill.

Key staff involved in the project:

Dr. Udo MeyerPartner Coordinator, Chair of Exploitation Committee

Mrs Gaby De Jong: Secretarial staff