Workpackage 5

Lead Beneficiary:

NTUA - National Technical University of Athens

Involved Beneficiaries:


Activity Type: RTD    Start Month: 3    End Month: 24    Persons Month: 74


• To carry out the experimental characterization of the properties of the new masonry components (bricks, blocks, mortars, fasteners and reinforcement) and walls
• To carry out combined in-plane and out-of-plane tests, for evaluating the system performance and the influence of the wall in-plane damage on the out-of-plane response
• To carry out shaking table tests of model buildings to characterise the seismic behaviour of various type of non-structural elements in relation to the behaviour of the frame, and obtain information on the systems performance
• To define the main constitutive laws relevant for the numerical simulation of walls and to obtain experimental results under cyclic and dynamic loading on structural sub-assemblies and entire structures for model calibration
• To assist the drafting of practical guidelines.


• Task 5.1: Characterization of materials. Testing program for the characterization of materials
• Task 5.2: Testing of masonry walls. Testing program for the assessment of constitutive laws for masonry and for connections
• Task 5.3: Testing of sub-structures
• Task 5.4: Shaking table testing of model buildings


• Technical report with the experimental results on materials and small masonry specimens (D5.1, tasks 5.1 and 5.2), delivered and month 12
• Demonstration of testing of masonry enclosures (D5.2, task 5.3), delivered at month 12
• Technical report with the experimental results on masonry enclosures (D5.3, task 5.3), delivered at month 15
• Laboratory demonstration of shaking-table test (D5.4, task 5.4), delivered at month 18
• Technical report with the shaking-table test results (D5.5, task 5.4), delivered at month 24